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Local Flagstaff resident Isabella Naughton is a teenager with big dreams. This student athlete balances schoolwork with rigorous training on the slopes of Snowbowl. She is determined to compete in the next Winter Olympics, and will be traveling around the country to different skiing events in the meantime. This weekend Isabella will participate in the Grand Canyon State Games at Snowbowl.

The Student Immigration Action Learning Team wants the public to be aware of the serious issues that immigrants face. Leah Mundell, Lecturer in Anthropology, introduces Gerardo Alvarado who is featured in a piece of the art work. He came to the United States in search of a better life for his family, and now he is helping undocumented workers gain fair wages and benefits. Bjorn Krondorfer, Director of Martin-Springer Institute, says it is a tough position to be in. Charlie Pollard, student immigration action learning team, says she hopes that more students will be open to helping the migrants here in Flagstaff. If you are interested in being involved to help the migrant community you can contact the Immigration Action Learning Team on the NAU website.

The Oak Creek Watershed Council wants to keep the watershed at Oak Creek Canyon safe for all users. NAZ Today's Jennifer Miraval visited with the group to learn more about keeping the canyon clean. 

Every year thousands of visitors travel to Oak Creek Canyon to swim and hike. Those visitors often leave behind trash. According to Dalton Zanetti, volunteer with the watershed council, that trash attracts animals who then affect the water quality of Oak Creek.

Zanetti says there has been an e-coli bacteria problem at Oak Creek Canyon since 1973. E-coli is a fecal bacteria that indicates the presence of dangerous pathogens like giardia or cryptosporidium. 

Winter weather tends to bring more moisture to the area, and runoff can wash those dangerous pathogens into the creek. The Oak Creek Watershed Council will host clean up events at Oak Creek every month through the winter. More information can be found at the Oak Creek Watershed Council Facebook page.

NAU runner Peter Lomong shares the story of his childhood. His brother was one of the 20,000 lost boys that fled south Sudan in 1987. Lomong moved to the United State in 2009 with another brother at 12 years old. At a military academy in Virginia, he learned English and adjusted to the culture. Lomong says he is on a mission to hold a leadership position in the UN to help his people. He is determined to make a change in the world. Lomong shares a special message to his sister and mother back in south Sudan.

The elderly driver of a car that struck and killed 3-year-old Zaadii Tso has finally come to a sentencing after two years. Driver Emily Bean will not be going to prison. 

Rachel Tso, the mother of Zaadii, said "I somehow, I guess knew she was suffering too. Even though I hadn't heard that directly. And I didn't see a point in her going to jail." 

Instead, Bean is sentenced to 3 years probation, 360 hours of community service, and ordered to attend a Navajo Peacemaking ceremony as a result of a plea deal. The judge on the case says this was "one of the hardest he had to decide."

Hundreds gathered on February 23 for the premiere of "My Dad Matthew" a documentary that stars Elijah Wangeman and his father Matthew Wangeman, an instructor at NAU, who has cerebral palsy. The film challenges the audience to change their viewpoints on people with disabilities through educating them in this six-minute film. Reporter Corderro McMurry sat down with John Schaffer, the directory of "My Dad Matthew" to learn what audiences can take away from the film. NAU students Hunter Correll and Brittany Piazza share what they have learned from Wangeman while taking his class. Wangeman plans to travel across the country to educate about how to perceive people with significant disabilities.

Santo the wonder dog stands on two legs, but brings plenty of joy to his foster family. Santo is looking for a home to care for him forever. Eileen Taggart, animal foster parent, talks about his special purpose. Santo went through several different foster facilities before joining the Taggart family. He needs a family that is willing to change him and take care of him. For more information, follow the Facebook page Santo The Wonder Dog.

Thanks to the Cassini spacecraft astronomers have found that one of Saturn’s moons may contains signs of sustainable life. Cassini has been roaming Saturn’s moons and rings for approximately 13 years now. Signs of sustainable life are in question after Cassini has found hydrogen plumes on the moon of its Enceladus but other elements as well. Enceladus is one out of 62 moons that orbit around Saturn. Kevin Schindler, Lowell Observatory historian, mentions how spacecraft Cassini detected certain elements gassing off the surface. Some of the material were hydrogen, which is unusual around a small body such as Enceladus, making there not much gravity to hold onto water. The Cassini will be replaced by another spacecraft in September for further research.

A new proposal has been made to take 10,000 people per day to the bottom of the Grand Canyon by tramway. There are many concerns from members of the Navajo Nation about the negative impact that the tramway will have on the canyon and the Colorado river. The Grand Canyon Escalade project is to include a resort, RV center, an amphitheater and more.

Renae Yellowhorse, save the confluence media spokesperson, feels that the tramway would be taking away from the experience of the Grand Canyon as well taking away a large part of the Navajo tradition and culture. NAZ Today also met with Laura Huenneke, NAU environment science professor, to discuss the environmental risks. 

The project needs approval from the Navajo Nation before moving forward. The next hearing is on October 10th from 10am-3pm at the Twin Arrows Resort and Casino.

The Lumberjack community came together Monday to honor the life of Martin Luther King Jr. with many different activities. 

Students marched through campus for the Annual MLK Day Celebration, hosting many different speakers including NAU President Rita Cheng.

NAU athletes served the community by picking up trash and spending time with the Boys and Girls Club. NAU Football player Maurice Davison spoke with NAZ Today reporter Jennifer Miraval about why this day is so special to him. Football players Elijah Orr and Myles Dumas explain how they want to be examples for not only the children but the city too.

Hurricane Matthew has defeated many countries such as Haiti, and it looks like there could be more. Could global warming have a something to do with the increase in hurricanes?

Hermanis Ulibarri, owner of Ulibarri's Barber Shop

E. Coli in Oak Creek full documentary.

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