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Professional Statement


Right out of college I was able to obtain a job at a Top 11 market and #1 in Phoenix (KSAZ FOX 10) as an Associate Producer. Since then my skills have grown in writing stories, segments, editing, and conducting interviews. Working in a newsroom I have learned how to work well under pressure, to be efficient and how to meet deadlines. I write for six evening shows on the weekdays and up to three evening shows on the weekends.  

      Though I have sharpen my journalism skills throughout the years, I try my best to not limit them to only my workplace. I am passionate about storytelling, but mostly I am passionate about helping others. I am constantly offering my talents to help those around me. Whether it's producing or shooting a video/photography for organizations or churches, or by using my communication skills to conduct interviews or provide hospitality. I make it an effort to give back as best as I can by using the gifts God has given me. 

      Prior to working in Phoenix, AZ., I worked for KPNX 12 NEWS as an intern. There I was a multimedia journalist at their Flagstaff Bureau. From snowstorms, to Olympic athletes and court trials--I covered some of Flagstaff's major events for the station. 

      During this time I was also working for Northern Arizona’s only local news station; NAZToday. It’s a student produced live news broadcast, which is an equivalent to any small town/city news station. For three years this is where I gained most of my experience.

      I was a producer, anchor, and a multimedia journalist (reporter). As a producer it was my job to create the newscast from scratch. I would find content, guide reporters, and photographers, produce my show, and finish the day anchoring the show I would produce. As a multimedia journalist I would conduct, shoot, and edit my own stories.

      Through my seven years in the news industry I have found that there is power in storytelling. In each story there's an opportunity to reveal God's beauty. This truth sets me on fire to continue offering my gifts up to Him--all for His glory.

      In the future I would like to take this passion and place it into the documentary scene. I desire to invest myself in a more in-depth style of storytelling --where there is more space and time for creativity.

      For now, I am taking advantage with my time as an Associate Producer to learn more producing skills that will help grow as a storyteller. 

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